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Spanked And Abused

With the economy being so bad, it’s even affecting couples like Caitlyn and her boyfriend. They both have jobs, but to pay the bills they’ve been looking for other work to do on the side. Caitlyn found a job as a phone sex operator. When her boyfriend found out about that, he told her to quit that job. However, when he came house a few days later, he heard Caitlyn on the phone with 1 of her clients, trying to get him off. Needless to say, he was pretty angry and grabbed the phone out of her hands. Check out these photos and see what happened next.

He was so angry that he started to spank her butt with the phone. He then started to spank her butt with his bare hands. He kept going, even as her butt turned bright red. He then said if she wanted to talk like a whore, he’d treat her like a whore. He demanded that she suck his penis. He made her get on top of him and ride his penis. Then what was the worse was when he bent her over and pounded her from behind. It hurt so bad because her ass was so sore from the spanking.

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